DIGI-PAS - Singapore
DIGI-PAS 2-Axis Digital Level (DWL1000XY) - Singapore
Measurement Range: 0°~90° on both X & Y axis simultaneously. Batteries: 2xAAA
KTC - Japan
KTC Lift for Mechanic Tool Box - Japan
*pictured with tool box (not included)
HOZELOCK Saturn Pre-filter Booster - U.K
The Saturn Booster has been designed to operate any pump-fed biological filter for fish ponds larger than 5,000 ltr. It uses advanced technology, normally associated with professional koi filtration systems, to deliver enhanced water purity coupled with a significant reduction in filter maintenance.
HOZELOCK Green Machine Pond Filter 27,000 Liters - U.K
Green Machine 27000: 1353 Green Machine - For ponds up to 6000 gallons (27000 litres). Very effective above ground filter. This filter uses a combination of solids collecting brushes, high quality foam cartridges and large surface area plastic biomedia to guarantee clear, clean water. Key Features: Pond water enters through a spray bar producing high levels of oxygen. Brushes collect larger solids and easily cleaning. Ideal for the ponds with a many fish population. Less frequent cleaning and easier to clean. Clear water guaranteed.