Grinding Disc

M10 - Singapore
M10 Turbo Rim Diamond Cup Wheel
For concrete, granite and marble.
M10 - Singapore
M10 "GC" Flexible Grinding Wheel for Stone - Singapore
Flexible grinding wheel for stone, marble, concrebe and granite.
M10 - Singapore
M10 "WA" Flexible Grinding Wheel for Steel & Stainless Steel - Singapore
Flexible type grinding wheel for steel and stainless steel
NRS Super Mu (μ) Flexible Sanding Wheel - Japan
This product is 2 times more flexible and 3 times more durable than general purpose wheels.
NRS Super Green Flexible Grinding/ Sanding Wheel - Japan
General purpose wheel for grinding or sanding general and stainless steel. The wheel minimizes grinding heat, leaving no burn mark.
NRS Grinding Wheel (Stone, Marble, Concrete and Granite)
Made of green silicon carbide for use on stone, marble, concrete and granite.