M10 - Singapore
M10 Stainless Steel Wall Scraper (Yellow handle) - Singapore
Stainless steel wallscrapper with yellow plastic handles.
EISHIN Scriber - Japan
Pen type body with carbide tip
GEARWRENCH Gasket Scrapper - USA
Scrape surfaces clean for installing new gaskets.
KTC - Japan
KTC High Grade Scraper - Japan
Carbide and Harden Steel Tip. For scraping heat-hardened gasket for clean finishing.
KTC - Japan
KTC Ceramic Scraper - Japan
Ceramic tip hard wearing scrapper.
KTC - Japan
KTC Stainless Steel Scraper - Japan
Hard stainless steel scrapper.
M10 - Singapore
M10 High Grade Flex Stainless Steel Wall Scraper - Singapore
High grade stainless steel scrapper.
NISAKU Stainless Steel Scraper - Japan
Stainless steel fish tail scrapper.
M10 - Singapore
M10 Stainless Steel Soft Taping Scraper - Singapore
Corrosion resistant flexible tempered stainless steel blade
KTC - Japan
KTC Sticker Scraper & Spare Blade - Japan
For speedy, neatly and safety sticker scraping.
NISAKU - Japan
NISAKU Flexible Stainless Steel Sticker Scraper - Japan
Very Flexible Stainless Steel Blade for comfortable, speedy neat and safe sticker scraping.