Automotive Pliers

M10 - Singapore
M10 Slip Joint Plier - Singapore
Made of heat-treated alloy steel, matt finish, serrated jaws.
TONE - Japan
Tone Combination Plier - Japan
Made of heat treated alloy steel, chrome finish.
KTC - Japan
KTC Combination Plier - Japan
Heat-treated alloy steel, comfortable bi-material handle.
KTC - Japan
KTC Long Plier - Japan
Long reach pliers.
KTC - Japan
KTC Long Hose Plier - Japan
For gripping and pulling hoses.
KTC - Japan
KTC Hose Clip Plier - Japan
For removing and installing hose clips
KTC - Japan
KTC Pinch Off Plier - Japan
Made of heat-treated alloy steel, vinyl-coated handle.