Wire Strippers & Crimping Tools

CHANNELLOCK Electrician wire stripper &Crimper - USA
For wire stripping, cutting, crimping and bolt cutting. Bolt cutter sizes: 4-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-24,10-32
IMPERIAL Electrician Wire Stripper - USA
Upfront wire stripper and cutter with spring return. 15E comes with spring lock.
M10 - Singapore
M10 Wire Stripper and Cutter - Singapore
Upfront wire stripper & cutter with cushioned grips.
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX Electrician Wire Stripper / Crimper - Germany
For cutting cables, stripping wire and crimping insulated and non-insulated terminals, connectors and plug type connectors
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX Precision Insulation Stripper - Germany
Precision stripper for difficult-to-remove insulating materials made of PTFE, silicone, Teflon®, Radox®, Kapton® and rubber; multi-layer too
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX Insulation Stripper - Germany
Leaves wire undamaged, even multi-stranded conductors are stripped gently.
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX "Multistrip 10" Automatic Universal Stripper (Patented) - Germany
Fully automatic for fast stripping. No adjustments for wire size needed.
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX Compact Automatic Stripper - Germany
Fully automatic for fast stripping. Comes with built-in wire cutter. Body made of plastic, fibreglass reinforced.
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX Self-Adjusting Crimping Plier (Patented) - Germany
Auto-adjusting of crimping size for fast repetitive crimping
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX "Preciforce" Crimping Plier - Germany
Repetitive high crimping quality due to precision dies and integral lock (self-releasing mechanism).
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX "ERGOSTRIP" Dismantling Tool - Germany
For the fast and precise dismantling and stripping of all common round and damp-proof installation cables, data cable and coax cable
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX Mini Stripping Tool - Germany
For stripping thin copper conductor
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX Cable Dismantling Tool - Germany
For stripping all common round cables
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX Coax Cable Stripping Tool (166005)- Germany
For stripping coax cables (RG 58, RG 59 and RG 62)
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX Coax Cable Stripping Tool (1660100) - Germany
For dismantling and stripping all common Coax-cables
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX Data Cable Stripping Tool - Germany
For dismantling CAT 5, CAT 6, CAT 7, Twisted-Pair (UTP/STP)
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX Fibre Optic Stripping Tool - Germany
To remove primary coating of fibre optics Ø 0.125 mm
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX Fibre Optic Wire Stripper - Germany
To remove primary and secondary coating of fibre optic
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX OETIKER Clamp Pincer - Germany
For the simple and reliable mounting of 1-ear and 2-ear clamps (Oetiker system or similar)
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX Crimp System for Solar Cable - Germany
For crimping MC3 and MC4 Solar Cables
KNIPEX - Germany
KNIPEX Mounting Tool for MC4 Solar Connectors - Germany
To tighten cable glands of MC4 solar plugs